Longevity Welding At Fabtech 2013 In Chicago

Longevity Welding At Fabtech 2013 In Chicago

Longevity had the opportunity to showcase our welders and plasma cutters at the Fabtech Welding Show in Chicago, Illinois. The show was extremely busy and everyone at Longevity had the opportunity to meet existing customers and new customers.

Longevity was giving away a MIG welder, where a lot of visitors took advantage of the giveaway and entered. Many attendees were familiar with our welding equipment, but some were educated on our welding machines.

The show proved to be a beneficial show for Longevity as we launched our newest WeldMax Plasma Cutter, TIG welder, and Stick Welder combination model, which is a 3-in-1 multiprocess welding machine combined with a plasma cutter

Attendees wanted to know which welder for sale we were offering, and were excited to meet our staff. Our goal was to educate attendees with Longevity, while also showing them what models we are launching and what models are to come in the future.

Overall, the show was a great experience for both our staff, our customers, distributors, and attendees.