Longevity Global Inc has announced discount on ForceCut LP-80/Plasma Cutters and save $ 200

Longevity Global Inc has announced discount on ForceCut LP-80/Plasma Cutters and save $ 200

Longevity Global Inc., one of the most reliable international distributors of welding equipment and plasma cutters has announced discount on ForceCut LP-80/Plasma Cutters. Previously priced at $1699.99, the ForceCut LP-80/Plasma Cutters are now available at $1499.99 only.

Series 80AMP Plasma Cutter that Longevity Global Inc. stores is ideal for Cutting up to 1.5″ thick steel. The product that they offer compares and surpasses all the leading brands. This plasma cutter is designed to cut through heavy gauge metal material. This plasma cutter will cut all metal materials including copper, stainless steel and aluminum.

It is adjustable from 20-80 amps making it a very versatile plasma cutter available for sale, capable of cutting thin material as well as thick. This is portable and capable plasma cutter and the best out of any other plasma cutter in the market at this price.

This plasma cutter comes with most of the components needed for a complete set up including an Air Regulator/ Water separator. ForceCut LP-80 plasma cutter is backed by an extensive top rated warranty for 5 years that covers parts and labor for this plasma cutter.

This plasma cutter also comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Apart from quality products they store, they also provide plasma cutting tips and plasma cutting machines to assist the welding facility. With the tips that are discussed at the online forum users can benefit a lot. These tips can range from tips on how to buy best plasma cutters or welding machines to which are the successful methods for welding.

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LONGEVITY Global Inc is recognized worldwide for providing reliable Welding, cutting, and power generating equipment. Since their inception 2001, it has earned slogan, “The Power to Last” through innovation, customer satisfaction, and industry leading production. It constantly strives to provide global dealers, distributors, and users with the most innovative welding and cutting machines in the market. Their engineering team works together with their dealers and customers to develop the best equipment in the market.

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