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Rely on Plasma Cutters to cut metals accurately without any hassle

July 19th, 2016

Traditionally, the process of “metal against metal” was practiced to cut metals. A welding professional needs to put in hard efforts to cut metals precisely through this process. But, with the invention of plasma cutters, practicing “metal against metal’ came to an end. Though, plasma cutters got recognition through plasma welding in 1960s, but they became popular with the welding industry in 1980s and emerged out as a productive method for cutting metals accurately, without generating metal chips and slag. Soon, these welding equipment became an integral part of every welder’s tools collection and even today, they are being widely utilized for numerous purposes in industries like automotive repair and restoration, industrial construction, salvage and scrapping operations, and many others. Individuals looking for a durable plasma cutter for performing their various welding tasks accurately can count on Longevity Global Inc. for their varied requirements.

One of the most sought after providers of welding equipment online, Longevity Global Inc. stock an amazing collection of superior quality plasma cutters. These plasma cutters are manufactured employing cutting edge technological tools to ensure they are highly durable and provide a helping hand in cutting metal accurately, without any hassle. The different types of plasma cutters that one can buy from their official online portal, Longevity-Inc.com, include FORCECUT® 40D, FORCECUT® 42i, FORCECUT® 62i, FORCECUT® 80i, FORCECUT® 50D, PlasmaPro 100 and many others. All the plasma cutters they provide are engineered with a pilot arc, which allows welders to start an arc of their own plasma cutter with no need to scratch start the tip of the torch or use high frequency to start the arc when set near the work piece. In addition, they also provide MIG welders, TIG welders, stick welders, spot welders, wire feeders, submerged arc welding equipment, and many other welding items and accessories at the most competitive prices.

Plasma Cutte, Plasma Cutters, plasma cutter, plasma cutting

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