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Pick Submerged Arc Welding Equipment to weld thicker sections with deep penetrations

June 20th, 2016

Welding is an art of joining metals together, which had been in practice for years to develop high quality and durable products. Right from coffeepots to skyscrapers, almost everything that is commonly used in our daily lives has a touch of welding or has been constructed by the equipment that is welded. Today, welding has become an integral part of many industries like manufacturing units, construction sites, oil and petroleum, ship building, electrical and electronics, automobile industry and several others. There are a number of welding methods, but only a few of them, like shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, gas metal arc welding, submerged arc welding, etc., are generally practiced in these industries.

Submerged arc welding is one among the common welding methods that has gained immense popularity in a past few years. In this welding, an arc is formed between a continuously fed electrode and the work piece. The created weld zone is then kept protected with gas shield and a slag, which is generated from a blanket of powered flux. It is a well-established and extremely versatile welding process that requires appropriate SAW equipment for creating high quality welds. Those looking for quality submerged arc welding equipment for their work can count on Longevity Global Inc. for their needs.

A leading provider of welding machines in the nation, Longevity Global Inc. has been in this business for years. Since their inception, they have been popular with the customers for offering best-in-quality submerged arc welding equipment at the most competitive prices. The wide array of SAW machines they offer include WeldMax LC-416D, WeldMax LC-518D, WeldMax LC-520D, WeldAll LS-160P, WeldAll LS-200P and many others. All these welding equipment are manufactured employing cutting edge technological tools and fulfill the highest quality standards. Individuals planning to avail any of their submerged arc welding equipment can order it online from their official portal, Longevity-Inc.com, and get it delivered to their doorstep within the right time.

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