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Longevity Global Inc., Showcases The Best Welding Machine and Equipment for Welders

August 24th, 2015

The welding industry has gone through a lot of renewal and now there is a lot of welding equipment being used for welding projects. Welding equipment and machines play a vital role in the welding industry for performing its jobs. In a larger professional welding job, it is highly recommended to choose the right welding equipment and machine which allows you to complete your job in very little time. In order to provide professionals with advanced welding solutions, Longevity Global Inc. offers cutting-edge welding machine and equipment. Therefore, customers who are looking for the latest welding equipment and machines can get them from this company within various price ranges.

Apart from welding machine and equipment, you can also get a number of other products like CNC tables, TIG welders, MIG welders, industrial equipment, stick welders, spot welders, welding helmets and many others from the company’s official online store. These products are inexpensive and ensure a longer service life. Created with the latest technology, the provided welding machine and equipment are the best in terms of mechanism and performance. The company offers a variety of welding machines for industrial fabrication that smooth welding works by reducing time and expenses.

The well-known online store, Longevity Global Inc., is a favorite among professional welders as the company strives hard to offer top-notch welding equipment and machine. Being a leading supplier, they understand the requirements of their customers and manufacture reliable and affordable welding equipment machine. The company also endows its customers with reasonable and robust welding machines and equipment in all ranges of production from the garage users, to pipe welders and ship builders.

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LONGEVITY Offers Advanced Welding Machine for Versatile Industrial Applications

November 17th, 2014


The welding machine has really made the tough job of welding two different materials easy. Previously, welding two different metals was a Herculean task, and it used to take a lot of time and pressure, but with the modern invention of welding equipment, the task of welding has dramatically changed. Now metals are welded within a few minutes. There are different kinds of welding equipment available on the market. With every passing day, new inventions are made in this industry and new welding tools are produced which are more advanced than the previous ones.

The commonly used welding machines available on the market are stick welder, TIG welder, MIG welder, arc welder, and many more. Each of these welders has a different set of features and functionalities. Welding, being an exclusive industrial application requires several safety measures. The welding process consists of lots of risk and therefore it is advised to wear proper welding helmets and welding glove to avoid danger. Welding gloves and helmets save professional welders from uncertainty as these are designed in such a way to protect against electrical sparks, fire, flames, fumes, and so on.

If you are planning to buy a professional welder or domestic welder, you can rely on LONGEVITY. The company sells an exclusive range of welding machines that has usages in a variety of industries such as construction, automobile, and many more. The company offers a solid five-year warranty with every product. Customers can blindly trust them as they are the eminent name in the welding equipment industry.

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Welding Machines for Small Scale Businesses from LONGEVITY

October 29th, 2014

Welding as a business or job sounds strenuous and technical and it involves a lot of risk and threats, but it is good to know that welding as business is also very interesting and enjoyable. All one needs is the right welding equipment along with the right set of skills, and the work is done. When we talk about the right set of skills, just a little technical knowhow of a welding machine is needed to operate it with ease and make a profitable business. However, to be a full-time professional, one has to be certified and trained if working in industries such as shipping, automobiles, construction, aerospace, automobile, and others.

Welding is a process of joining two different metals together by applying pressure and heating them. It is basically an industrial process which is associated with the use of a gas flame, electric beam, electrode arc, and many other such things. Welding can become a small scale business. One can operate small shops and start an instant welding business for repairing cars, bikes, etc.

If you are looking to buy a welding machine for your domestic or professional use, you can completely rely on LONGEVITY. This company provides welding equipment and machines that are highly functional and durable. Their products come with a warranty period which makes them even more competent. Whether you want a welding machine for your hobby, or you require a welding machine for an industrial purpose, then LONGEVITY is your best option.

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