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Make Your Cumbersome Welding Work Easier With Highly Advanced Welding Equipment

July 4th, 2016

The growth of welding industry seems to be growing year after year. From small scale manufacturing industries to large manufacturing industries, welding process has become a major part of every industry. The quality of final products greatly depends on how the welding process is carried out. Performing welding jobs accurately is a tedious and challenging task. There are many factors that define the quality of the welding work. However, the quality of weld is directly related to welding equipment. If you use technologically advanced equipment, then you should rest assured in the quality of your welding process. There are a number of welding equipment suppliers available on the market, but selecting a reliable one still remains a daunting task. While selecting a welding equipment, you should consider numerous factors such price, service support, timely delivery, reliability, past track record and many others. When it comes to buying welding equipment, you should choose reputed stores like Longevity Global, Inc.

You can find welding equipment in a number of specifications, but you should choose one which can cater your needs. Welding equipment is built to withstand all types of weather and welding conditions. These are nowadays widely used for welding aluminum, magnesium alloys, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and titanium.

Longevity Global Inc. is a popular name in the welding industry for providing reliable welding machines at the attractive prices. All their welding equipment comes with an unmatched 3 years warranty on both parts and labor. The wide range of welding equipment that the company offers include industrial welding equipment, spot welders, MIG welders, plasma cutters, CNC tables, guns & torches, industrial equipment, generators and many others.

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Multi-Process welding equipment ensures most precise and cost-effective welding

May 9th, 2016

Manufacturing industry requires advanced equipment for carrying out their procedures and processes to manufacture high quality products. From small scale manufacturing industries to large manufacturing industries, the various processes involved like cutting, bending, welding, assembling, etc prompt the need for advanced tools and technology to carry out these processes efficiently. These processes can be managed by multi-process welding equipment. Multi-Process welding equipment enables industries save space, cost, and time. This equipment is an excellent choice for those looking for a machine that can do it all – weld and cut. So, those who are looking for Multi-Process welding equipment can explore a wide range being offered online at Longevity Global Inc online.

This welding equipment provides high precision welding and cutting, and is suitable for conjoining any kind of metal. They are used for ship-building, pipe welding, repairing, heavy manufacturing and all industrial-manufacturing applications. These products are easy to use, energy efficient, corrosion resistance, safe to use and able to function in adverse conditions. Manufactured with high-grade components using advanced technologies, these provide cost-effective welding solutions. The company offers multi-process welding equipment in numerous models including WELDMAX® 185i, PROMTS 200i, PROMTS® 252i, INNOVATOR 255i and many others. These products help smoothen the metal cutting and welding process by reducing time and expenses.

Longevity Global Inc. is a renowned name in the industry for providing a range of Multi-Process welding equipment at reasonable prices. All the multi-process welding equipment that the company offers is designed using the latest technology and is of superior quality and durability. The company is committed to providing economical and reliable multi-process welding equipment for both professional welders and hobbyists. In addition to Multi-Process welding equipment, the company also offers other welding equipment like CNC tables, TIG welders, MIG welders, industrial equipment, stick welders, spot welders, welding helmets and many others.

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Fix broken railway tracks with high quality Welding Equipment from Longevity Global

January 5th, 2016

Train accidents caused due to broken railway tracks are quite common. Therefore, whenever any news of the broken railway tracks is received by the station master, they immediately change the path of other trains going through the track to avoid accidents. Within a few minutes, a proficient team of welders reaches the spot to weld the railway track so that the movement of the trains can be restored. Have you ever thought that how these welding professionals manage to get their work done so quickly and efficiently? The answer is the easy availability of reliable welding equipment.

Welding is a process of joining metals or thermoplastic by causing fusion. An individual who works in the welding industry requires proper equipment to carry out the welding process efficiently. The different types of welding equipment that these professionals utilize include MIG welders, TIG welders, spot welders, stick welders and many others. However, finding this equipment is not easy since there is a plethora of providers available in the market. For those looking for a reliable provider, Longevity Global is a one stop online store.

A renowned provider of top notch quality welding equipment, Longevity Global has been in this business since 2001. They have been a popular choice of many welding professionals for providing a range of welding equipment at the most competitive prices. The wide range of welding equipment they provide include submerged arc welding equipment, GMAW welders, GTAW welders, SMAW welders and many others. Their welding equipment is manufactured employing cutting edge technological tools to ensure they fulfill the highest quality standards and meet the needs of the customers. So go online to, explore their wide collection and order your desired welding equipment, at the market’s best rates.

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Exceptional welding equipment from Longevity Global to suit your needs

November 16th, 2015

Welding industry is thriving and as a result, everyday new welding products enter the market. Traditionally, welding was a risky task and many iron items were produced using the hammering technique. This scenario has changed. Today, various hi-tech welding products rule the market. Professionals employ these technically advanced welding equipment for carrying out their welding tasks efficiently. Though individuals can find a wide array of welding products available in the market, but where quality is concerned, look no further than Longevity Global, Inc. A renowned supplier of welding products, Longevity Global, Inc. has been in this domain since 2001 and has been successfully providing professional welding equipment to customers worldwide.

The wide range of welding products that they provide are manufactured employing cutting edge technological tools that fulfill the highest quality standards. Professionals seeking top-notch quality welding products for their various welding needs can trust on Longevity Global for providing exceptional welding equipment. Different welding products that they provide include MIG welders, TIG welders, stick welders, plasma cutters, industrial welding equipment, wire feeders, submerged arc welding equipment, spot welders and many others.

When it comes to providing exceptional welding equipment, Longevity Global, Inc. is the industry leader. The range of equipment that they offer can be ordered by the professionals online through their official outlet, Their team of experienced and dedicated professionals have decades of experience in the welding line and through their innovation, experience, and engineering, they manufacture affordable and reliable welding equipment for garages, commercial, and industrial uses. Besides welding equipment, Longevity Global, Inc. also offers consumables like stick electrodes, MIG consumables, TIG consumables, plasma cutter consumables, MIG welding wire and many others

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Get a complete set of Welding Equipment from Longevity Global

September 25th, 2015

Technological advancement in the soldering industry has opened the doors to the new world of hi-tech welding equipment. With these advanced welding machineries not only the task of welding has become easy and safe, but today they have also become quite popular among the professionals for the durability and strength that they provide. A best way of conjoining metals by fusing them together with the filler material, welding has evolved as the need of the hour and is nowadays excessively carried out in various heavy manufacturing industries like steel industry, automobile industry, textile industry and many others. Welding professionals looking for top quality equipment and can check out the unmatched collection being offered at Longevity Global Inc. to get their desired welding equipment delivered to their doorstep by directly ordering it through the company’s official online portal,

Market leader, Longevity Global Inc. is well known for providing an unmatched collection of hi-tech welding equipment at an unbeatable price range. The wide collection that they stock includes MIG welders, TIG welders, Stick welders, plasma cutters, industrial welding equipment, wire feeders, submerged arc welding equipment, spot welders and many other welding equipment.

Incorporated in the year 2001, Longevity Global Inc. today is recognized worldwide for serving its customers with reliable welding, cutting and power generating equipment. With their team of experienced and dedicated professionals, the company aims at providing innovative and “power to last” welding machineries and equipment that are sure to fulfill the needs of each of their customers. Besides welding equipment, different other equipment that you can purchase through their store includes consumables like stick electrodes, MIG consumables, TIG consumables and plasma cutter consumables etc. and welding safety gears such as welding armor and helmets, etc.

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Longevity Global Inc. offers Powerful Welding Equipment

September 7th, 2015

Earlier, welding was a herculean task, as it used to take a lot of time and effort. But, with the invention of welding equipment, the task of welding has radically changed. There are diverse kinds of welding equipment available in market with different capacities depending upon your welding work requirements. Welding industry has been growing rapidly in the past few years and has played a vital role in the growth of the manufacturing sector. With each passing day, new inventions are being made in the welding industry for manufacturing advanced welding equipment. This welding equipment is used in the manufacturing sector to weld metals like titanium, copper, low alloy steels, stainless steel, magnesium, nickel alloys and many others.

Each equipment has a different set of features and functionalities to meet the wide application requirements of the welding professionals. The welding process is associated with various life threating risks therefore it is advisable to buy flawless welding equipment, which minimize these risks. In order to make your welding work convenient, Longevity Global Inc. is offering an array of welding equipment at the market’s best prices. The range of welding products they offer on their online portal are MIG welders, spot welders, plasma cutters, stick welders, CNC tables, guns and torches, welding helmets, industrial equipment and many others.

The company is well-recognized for offering its customers affordable and reliable welding equipment in varied technical specifications. If you are looking to buy welding equipment that can combine and join any type of metal, Longevity Global Inc. is the one stop solution for all your needs. Professional welders can now use many helpful tips being provided on their website to select the right welding equipment for their specific needs.

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Longevity Global Inc., Showcases The Best Welding Machine and Equipment for Welders

August 24th, 2015

The welding industry has gone through a lot of renewal and now there is a lot of welding equipment being used for welding projects. Welding equipment and machines play a vital role in the welding industry for performing its jobs. In a larger professional welding job, it is highly recommended to choose the right welding equipment and machine which allows you to complete your job in very little time. In order to provide professionals with advanced welding solutions, Longevity Global Inc. offers cutting-edge welding machine and equipment. Therefore, customers who are looking for the latest welding equipment and machines can get them from this company within various price ranges.

Apart from welding machine and equipment, you can also get a number of other products like CNC tables, TIG welders, MIG welders, industrial equipment, stick welders, spot welders, welding helmets and many others from the company’s official online store. These products are inexpensive and ensure a longer service life. Created with the latest technology, the provided welding machine and equipment are the best in terms of mechanism and performance. The company offers a variety of welding machines for industrial fabrication that smooth welding works by reducing time and expenses.

The well-known online store, Longevity Global Inc., is a favorite among professional welders as the company strives hard to offer top-notch welding equipment and machine. Being a leading supplier, they understand the requirements of their customers and manufacture reliable and affordable welding equipment machine. The company also endows its customers with reasonable and robust welding machines and equipment in all ranges of production from the garage users, to pipe welders and ship builders.

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Get Best-in-Class Functionality Welding Equipment from LONGEVITY

October 29th, 2014

A welding machine is not something you buy frequently; rather, it is a long-term investment, making it essential for the buyer to consider certain important parameters before making a purchase. There is no universal welding process, so the welding machine depends largely on the type of welding application. Some of the most common and prevailing welding machines are TIG welders, MIG welders, metal arc welders, stick welders, flux cored welders, and many others.

The most important thing to consider before buying a welding machine is to know what type of metals the welding machine can weld. There are different welding machines available, and each of these machines has their own unique features and functionality. Therefore, it is essential to know their functions beforehand and what type of metals they can weld. If you are looking for more routine welding applications, then a MIG welder is typically the most feasible option as this is the easiest welding machine to operate, and anyone with basic technical knowledge can operate it with complete ease. Most importantly, MIG welders can weld any type of material including the most common like aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, and many more.

If you are looking to buy a welding machine, then LONGEVITY is the right option as this particular company deals with quality welding machines. With them, one will get versatile welding equipment that comes with a manufacture guarantee of five years. The company sells both professional as well as domestic welding machines at cost-effective prices. In addition to the welding machine, the company also sells plasma cutters, welding helmets, torches, and many other industrial products.

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LONGEVITY – The Best Company for Your Welding Equipment Needs

September 9th, 2014

BUSINESSES-PHOTO_1The first step is to find a small repair shop location; the second is to purchase the right welding equipment at an affordable price. LONGEVITY is the best choice, view their complete range of welder machines and the best will be available at your end. Whatever your profession, they have all the equipment that can fulfill your demands and necessities.

LONGEVITY is now offering Welders for sale with a professional range of Wire, STICK Welders, MIG, Welding Supplies, and Consumables for sale! The company supplies Mig welders, Arc welders, Stick welders, TIG welders, Plasma Cutters, and other welding-associated machines for applications ranging from industrial welding, automotive welding, and fabrication work. Indeed, their welding supplies can help clients reduce operating cost while getting more out of production.

When it comes to product quality, they are incomparable from other companies offering the same products. In addition to this, you will also get a five-year warranty that covers both parts and labor. They can tailor the warranty as per the users’ requirements and their customer support will leave you amazed. With new ideas and years of experience, their professionals will find you the most affordable and dependable welding machines.

You can match your needs with their welding equipment and get the best ones that suit your welding skills!

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Longevity Welding At Fabtech 2013 In Chicago

November 26th, 2013

Longevity had the opportunity to showcase our welders and plasma cutters at the Fabtech Welding Show in Chicago, Illinois. The show was extremely busy and everyone at Longevity had the opportunity to meet existing customers and new customers.

Longevity was giving away a MIG welder, where a lot of visitors took advantage of the giveaway and entered. Many attendees were familiar with our welding equipment, but some were educated on our welding machines.

The show proved to be a beneficial show for Longevity as we launched our newest WeldMax Plasma Cutter, TIG welder, and Stick Welder combination model, which is a 3-in-1 multiprocess welding machine combined with a plasma cutter

Attendees wanted to know which welder for sale we were offering, and were excited to meet our staff. Our goal was to educate attendees with Longevity, while also showing them what models we are launching and what models are to come in the future.

Overall, the show was a great experience for both our staff, our customers, distributors, and attendees.

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